3. Transport and Communication


The transport and communication system in Erode district is well developed. Erode being one of the prominent trading centres in the State is well connected with all modern means of transport and communication except for air service. The nearest airport is at Coimbatore which is only a few hours by road. District access by roads and rail from State Capital Chennai and other District headquarters is available. Erode is an important railway junction on the west coast halt here. 13 railway stations are there in the District viz. 1 at Uthukuli Panchayat Union, 3 in Chennimalai Panchayat Union, 3 in Modakurichi Panchayat Union and 6 in Kodumudi Panchayat Union areas. Navigable water ways are available at 5 places in the district.
Road transport has developed by leaps and bounds. There a number of inter district bus routes operated by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporations linking Erode and other prominent towns in Erode district with places of significance outside the district. The role of Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation in the headquarters at Erode and Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation which operated inter-district and inter-state service in commendable.
The district is also served by a good net-work of Post and Telegraph offices. There are four postal Divisions serving the district with their headquarters at Erode, Tiruppur, Pollachi and Dharapuram. Under the Control of these postal divisions, there are four head-post offices one each at Erode, Bhavani, Gobichettipalayam and Dharapuram. Of these, the first two come under HSGT category while the other two belongs to HSG II category. Apart from the above there are 319 post offices of various description including extra departmental sub-post offices and telegraph offices.
In addition to these, there are numerous branch post offices, combined post and telegraph offices etc., spread out in various parts of the district. There are 144 post and telegraph offices, 144 post offices with phone facilities in this district. The large net work of post and telegraph offices ensure definite means of communication at a nominal rate for the benefit of the common man in Erode District. This district has also a good system of Telephone connection. Erode is connected with State capacity by subscriber trunk dialing system (STD). Telephone connections between various centres in the district have been ensured and within Erode city itself the number of telephone subscribers has been on the increase.

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